Museveni using billions of taxpayers’ money to bribe voters, says Besigye


Former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) presidential candidate, Dr Kizza Besigye, has told supporters in Nebbi District that President Museveni is using their tax to bribe voters.
While mobilizing support for the FDC candidate, Mr Robert Onega for the Nebbi Municipality MP seat for the coming by-election, Mr Besigye said: “Poverty and unemployment are the deliberate things being planted by NRM government to frustrate the whole population. Billions of tax payer’s money are being given out to bribe people to vote NRM candidates and yet our roads and hospital are so wanting.”

According to Dr Besigye, Uganda was a rich country before NRM came into power in 1986, “but now everything is stolen by NRM government leaving the whole country poor with many taxes being imposed on innocent Ugandans.”
Businesses was paralysed for about an hour as thousands of supporters held a procession to welcome Dr Besigye and his team at Nebbi Mayor’s Gardens where Onega’s rally was held.

Other candidates who were nominated by electoral commission for Nebbi municipality MP seat inlude Mr Hashim Suleiman (NRM), Dr Betty Udongo Pacutho, Mr Okorolal Berochan and Mr Enrico Opio, all on the independent ticket.

The FDC party president, Mr Patrick Amuriat, urged the electorates of Nebbi municipality to vote quality candidate who can work tirelessly to bring change in their area.

He said opposition parties are the voices of the voiceless community and therefore should be given mandate because they have the capacity bring the rapid development of the country.

“We are struggling to bring back the country to its stand together with you because you are feeling the pinch of how taxes are being levied on every items,” Amuriat said.

Mr Onega urged his supporters to be calm and avoid politics of discrimination, tribalism and violence.

He added that he is focused at uniting constituents of Nebbi municipality to work as a team to foster development.

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