MPs On Select Committee Investigating UTL Mismanagement Accused Of Taking Bribes


A Member of Parliament has accused colleagues on the committee that investigated mismanagement at Uganda Telecom of taking bribes to absolve some of the company’s officials.

Busongora North MP William Nzoghu caused a stir on the floor of Parliament on Wednesday when he made the bribery allegations as he tabled a minority report on UTL’s troubles.

Key in the report was the allegation that Godfrey Mutabazi, the Executive Director Uganda Communications Commission, is accused of influence pending and conflict of interest in his private business dealings with UTL.

Nzoghu also claimed that some MPs on the select committee that investigated mismanagement at UTL, took bribes from officials of the company so that they could sign the main report, which glossed over some of the more serious evidence of the poor management practices that led to the company’s troubles.

Members of the House protested Nzoghu’s allegations and asked the speaker to have them expunged from the Hansard if evidence to back them up was not produced.

Nzoghu stood by the accusations and said that parliament could interest itself in the matter and set up a committee to investigate, which he would willingly give all the evidence he had. Speaker Kadaga called for Nzoghu’s accusations not to be included in the Hansard before she called for a vote on whether to adopt the main report. The House adopted the main report on UTL that was tabled in June.

After adoption of the report, State Minister for Planning David Bahati told the House that government was working hard to bring the heavily indebted UTL back to life.

UTL is currently under provisional administration, with the Registrar General Bemanya Twebaze as the provisional administrator.

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