MP Okupa Protests Gen. Kutesa Appointment


The appointment of Maj. General Pecos Kutesa by Captain Suzan Lakot raised dust on the floor of Parliament, with one legislator wondering where an officer of a lower rank gets powers to deploy her senior from.

This came during a plenary sitting where members were being designated to Committees and Lakot stood to designate Kutesa to the Parliamentary Committee on Education.

It was at that juncture that Elijah Okupa, Kasiro County MP stood up, questioning if Lakot’s actions weren’t in contravention of Parliament’s Rules and Procedures.

“I don’t know whether it is procedurally right for a Captain to deploy a General,” Okupa asked.

However, Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanya exonerated Lakot of any wrong doing stating, “Our Rules of Procedure recognize those members that have been agreed upon on that side to do the needful, so we aren’t going by ranks but the authority that person has been given.”

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