Minister Kyambadde attacked in Norway

By Monitor Reporter

Trade Minister Amelia Kyambadde was on Tuesday attacked while speaking at a Nordic Uganda business conference in Oslo, Norway.

Ms Kyambadde, who previously served as President Museveni’s Private Secretary, was addressing Ugandans living in Norway who instead accused her of being corrupt.

The Minister, had earlier told the congregation about government’s plans to revive cooperative unions.

According to videos shared on social media, after her speech, a man from the audience picked the microphone and accused Ms Kyambadde of being corrupt.

“She is very corrupt. These people are just there to lure you Europeans to bring money to Africa but they are the ones getting the money. They are very very rich. She is rich!” The man said before adding that Kyambadde also comes from Museveni’s ‘dictator family’.

He was backed by another man who said that Ms Kyambadde “and Museveni destroyed cooperatives in Uganda.”

In another video circulating on social media, an angry Kyamadde is seen defending herself saying, “How could he say that? I am one of the people with the cleanest record.”

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