Mercy Dumps Cameroonian Lover, Hooks New Dude


We wonder whether city socialite Mercy has gotten fed up of boring, long distance relationships or she just wants to balance her sex diet.

Word reaching us has it that Mercy has dumped her longtime Dubai based Cameroonian loaded dude only identified as Micky.  Snoops reveal that Mercy is nowadays secretly dating a new dude whom we are yet to identify, who also hails from West Africa.

Sources say that Mercy and her new catch  have been enjoying themselves ever since this year began and have been partying together at different nightspots  outside Kampala, until recently when they decided to start storming Kampala nightspots, as if indicating that their love life in rife for the public eye.

Sources say that Micky has spent almost a year without jetting into the country which could be the reason Mercy was forced to end the relationship with him, before hooking a new Toyboy.

Snoops reveal that by the time Mercy ended the relationship with Micky, the two had already gotten one child and the Cameroonian has been sending her lots of money as child upkeep.

Sources intimate that Mercy is running two boutiques in town that were all started up by the Cameroonian lover,  although not even these could make her stick around him.

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