Mbiire Gal Finally Ballooned


Ever since their wedding last year, city tycoon Charles Mbiire’s flamboyant daughter Nadia Kabahita Matovu has been yearning to become pregnant. Exclusive info reaching us from Johannesburg South Africa has it that Nadia is five months pregnant for her loving husband Yasser Matovu and she is too excited over it.

Sources say that Nadia has been under pressure to get pregnant, because some city babes have been mocking her that she might fail to conceive after her dad spending billions on the wedding and her various merrymaking sessions with Matovu.

All this rumour was ignited by Gloria Katambairungu, who is said to have been Matovu’s girlfriend before Nadia snatched him from her. It was alleged that Nadia used huge amounts of money to win Matovu’s heart by showering on him expensive gifts, plus fun-filled holidays in Dubai, USA and Malaysia.

Sources say that Nadia has started doing all sorts of shopping despite the fact that she still has four months to deliver her bundle of joy. The two lovers have been on holidays since this year started and currently they are said to be in Johannesburg, where they have been since August.

The two lovers left the country early this year for the USA on a money-chopping mission. In July they almost spent a full month in the famous Beverly Hills celebrating Nadia’s 27th birthday.

The couple is said to have staged several parties at lavish hangouts in California, USA, celebrating the birthday and later crossed to the world’s popular holiday destination in Hawaii, to continue with money-chopping party styles where they celebrated their one year wedding anniversary.

Nadia got married to Matovu on July 16th, 2016. We have learnt that both families are happy for the two lovers after Nadia being confirmed pregnant. It should be remembered that their relationship first faced family challenges based on the differing religious beliefs of both lovers.

Nadia comes from a strict catholic family while Matovu comes from a staunch Islamic family, whereby each family was ready to accept their religion to prevail, although this wasn’t the case. This is because both families reached an agreement in regard to conducting the marriage vows.

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