Mbarara to receive sh60b towards improvement of service delivery


Lwanga stated that they have already received a confirmation of the funds from World Bank.

PIC: An aerial view of Mbarara high street town. (Credit: Adolf Ayoreka)
By Adolf Ayoreka
MBARARA – World Bank through the Government of Uganda is to give Mbarara Municipality shs.60bn that is going to be tagged on improvement of service delivery in sectors of Health, works, education and community based services.
Edward Lwanga, the Mbarara Municipality Town clerk confirmed this in a press conference that was held on Wednesday day at Municipal council hall.
He stated that they have already received a confirmation of the funds from World Bank and these funds will be received starting the new financial year of 2018/2019 which commences July.
He revealed that this is to be done for four years and that every financial year they will be receiving sh15.86bn.
It should be noted that most projects like roads in Municipalities and other local governments are majorly funded by World Bank.
He says after making an assessement by World Bank officials on the proper usage of funds on most Municipal roads under Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructure Development Programme (USMID).
Among the roads that have been worked on are; Buremba- Kakoba Road, Akiki -Nyabongo road Buncunku,Circular road  and  Constantino lobo road these were worked on in the financial year 2016/2017 and sh18bn was spent.
Others that are being worked on include Mbaguta road, Bananuka Drive, Makhansing Road and Bishop wills all in Mbarara town.
“Before we receive these funds, we shall be availed with the guidelines on how to use the money each financial year, but we hope to put much emphasis on roads because we have a lot of work on roads especially in the new Divisions, our local revenue is not enough to work on these roads atleast 8km per year and these funds will come through USMID project” Lwanga noted.

The Mbarara Municipality town clerk, Edward Lwanga. (Credit:Adolf Ayoreka) 

Lwanga added, “we cannot say that these funds are enough but it will push us strides and improve the road net work and other sectors that need urgent attention.”
Lwanga noted that some political leaders have tried to sabotage these projects, “We are aware that some leaders had a ploy to fail these funds by writing several letters to World Bank accusing us of misappropriation of some funds but they have failed to succeed because an assesement was conducted and found out the work was worth the funds.”
Leaders speak out
The Biharwe division chairman Steven Muganga says it’s not bad to receive such funding if it can be put into rightful use.
He said there has been improper planning by the technocrats saying that the new divisions have not benefitted in the five years Development Plan as far as road improvement is concerned.
“So ask if these monies come, let the new divisions take a big portion without concertrating in the old divisions of Kakoka, Kamukuzi and Nyamitanga, our new divisions like Biharwe, Nyakayojo and Kakika are still are still in a village setup and need more roads and electricity extention.”
Robert Mugabe Kakyebezi the mayor Mbarara Municipality also confirmed these funds however said that despite the fact that they started the first phase of USMID two years behind schedule but have managed to beat other municipalities like Masaka and Entebbe.
“If these funds come they will come with guidelines on how we should spend it, but we intend to ensure that it goes to ill sectors of roads, education and health.”
Immam Kagiko councilor representing Katete ward at the Municipality tasked the technocrats to ensure that each and every project being worked on, they are provided with information and bills of quantities (BOQs) to help them monitor these projects.
“There has been a problem of information sharing at Municipal and some times you find councilors are not aware of the project being undertaken but if there is cohesion with in us as leaders we shall put this money into rightful use and we shall be proud of our town.

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