Master Grain Milling Acquires E.Africa’s First Hi-Tech Plant


By John Nanyumba

Master Grain Milling (MGM) Uganda Limited, the producer of Uganda’s best ‘Blue Ribbon Wheat Flour’ has gone a step next to none.

The latest information exclusive to Red Pepper indicates that the MGM has contracted Omas Industries to install the most technologically advanced milling plant, the first of its kind in the whole of East Africa. As a matter of proof, we visited Omas Industries website and Uganda is the only and first country in sub-Saharan Africa where this plant being installed.

Master Grain Milling Acquires E.Africa’s First Hi-Tech Plant
Itaaga infront of the plant being constructed

Statistics available for Red Pepper indicate that this new plant will be producing a whooping 300 tones of wheat flour per day, enough to satisfy both the local and international market.

According to MGM general manager, Itaaga Swamit, Omas Industries was chosen in March 2016 as the technology partner to extend the Master Grain Milling plant at his Jinja (2km along Kayunga road). “This new mill is being built alongside the old 240 tonnes per day-Golfetto mill, completed in 2013, and it will be equipped with all of the most leading-edge technologies available for the milling industry,” Itaaga said. According to him, this plant installation will be done in December this year. In total, MGM will be producing unimaginable 540 tonnes per day once operated at full capacity.

Master Grain Milling Acquires E.Africa’s First Hi-Tech Plant
Command Plc

He added that, “The plant is being installed in a new construction, which is being built MGM to designs by Omas using cutting-edge ‘Building Economy’ technology that will reduce the number of levels, construction volume, and total building and foundation weight, by 20%.”

According to public information obtained from Omas industries website, the new plant will be supplied from 2 cone-bottom silos with mixer and a capacity of 500 tons each, equipped with grain flow metering devices. The grain cleaning line will include a Giotto wheat sterilizer to provide optimum management of the wheat, as it removes the waterproof cellulose outer layers.

“Using this process, which has been entirely developed by Omas Industries, the surface of the caryopsis, as well as being stripped of any type of inorganic (soil, sand, metals, ash, etc.) and organic impurity (bacteria, fungi, mould, mycotoxins, etc.), undergoes an abrasion process to remove the cellulose and lignin layers that form the waterproof outer of the wheat grain,” states the info from the website.

Master Grain Milling Acquires E.Africa’s First Hi-Tech Plant
The current Blue Ribbon in paper packs

Amazing still, in this way, the conditioning water can penetrate up to 30% more quickly and can also reach deep into the vitreous starchy kernel for easier milling but also much lower technological water evaporation that is not subject to the temperature and humidity in the air outside. The result is higher yields and reduced cleaning for plansifter channels and filter bags.

Astonishingly, this new plant will have a 5-8 % reduction in ash content and it will be possible to extract 0.5-1% more white flour.

The milling section will be equipped with a Leonardo roller mill that uses cutting-edge KERS technology, patented by Omas. This roller mill is one of the main machines in any milling plant. Leonardo incorporates all the experience and technological evolution resulting from the research and studies of Omas Industries research and development department. Protected by an international patent, solutions offered are expected to completely revolutionise Uganda’s milling industry market.

This plant stands out for the noble materials used such as stainless steel and anodised aluminium which will help in avoiding contamination of flours.

Master Grain Milling Acquires E.Africa’s First Hi-Tech Plant
The current Blue Ribbon in sacks good for bakeries

According to Omas, MGM will enjoy the following advantages once this plant starts running;

  • 50% reduction in power input to the rollers.
  • Grain milling according to recipes stored in the mill to make different flours.
  • Mill Remote Tuning for remote control of milling settings.
  • Reduced noise levels in the roller mill room to 75-80 dB
  • No transmission belts and no preventive maintenance needed for transmission parts.
  • Master Grain Milling Acquires E.Africa’s First Hi-Tech Plant

That is not all, this milling plant, will have full Wi-Fi network coverage. “We are therefore going to be managing it as easy as from our tablets, fully controlled by ASB automation software, the leading milling software company in Italy. The software will be completed by a system to control milling performance, energy consumption, and preventive maintenance,” Itaaga braggingly noted.

He added that, “I am so grateful to our entire clientele in and outside Uganda who have made our company the number one producer of wheat flour given our top quality output that you have time-tested. With this new plant, I therefore pledge that what you have had is only the beginning.”

Master Grain Milling Acquires E.Africa’s First Hi-Tech Plant
                                                        Leonardo Roller mill

This contract, to build the most advanced milling plant in this region is not only a tick to MGM but also a reward to Omas Industries and ASB automation system for the significant levels of innovation they have achieved in their products, making them the undisputed world leader when it comes to milling technology.

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