Masaza Cup: Time is running out of Gomba


KAMPALA- The saying; “the key is in not spending time but in investing it”, must be echoing among Masaza Cup quarter-finalists. Teams that have been merely spending time in the tournament face exist today.

Luckily enough, those that have been investing in it would proceed this evening to another level.

But most importantly, all eyes are on Gomba. Why? They have been crowned champions before four times, reached finals seven times which altogether makes them giants since 2004.

However the bizarre affair in this case remains, reigning champions face stubborn opponents Busujju whom they play at Kakindu playground, Mityana.
Ever since the tournament began this season in June, coach Noah Mugerwa’s side Busujju remains the best performing team.They scored 18 points in group stages, 10 goals, in all the nine games they have so far played which altogether gives them momentum.

Additionally, their stunning home performance has seen teams; Buluuli, Mawokota, Buvuma to mention but a few all beaten. Ibrahim Kirya’s side Gomba, whose away performance has been lacking since losing 3-0 against Buwekula need rigorous magic to destroy them.

And to make this happen, goalkeeper Juma Kirabira who also conceded 5 goals during group stages must replenish his gloves. Strikers; Joshua Kalisa and Isaac Balyejusa must play to their utmost too.

“Our chances to defend the title starts today or ends today,” Kirya cautiously, told Sunday Monitor .

Sunday fixture (Quarters) 3PM
Busujju vs Gomba- Kakindu
Buwekula vs Mawokota- Bukulula
Singo vs Bulemezi- Mityana
Buddu vs Kyaggwe- Masaka recreation
Top scorer
Jude Ssemugabi (6) Singo

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