Magogo urges former leaders to remain involved

By Swaib Raul Kanyike

Kampala. Since 1924, Fufa has had 27 presidents. Whereas some have passed on, others have opted to remain on the sidelines, completely.
But last week, Moses Magogo, the incumbent Fufa boss, launched the Fufa President’s Initiative, top among its objectives being to keep in touch with former leaders of the sport.

“We have come up with this program to engage, share ideas and seek counsel from the former leaders through a get-together session,’’ Ahmed Hussein, the federation spokesman, told Daily Monitor last weekend.

On Saturday, Fufa President Moses Magogo delivered a keynote address to the sport’s former heads and other football stakeholders at Imperial Royale Hotel.

Team sport
“We need to work together. Football is a team sport, we need each other and there is a lot that we can get out of this working relationship,” he preached. Apart from former Fufa presidents, the meeting was also attended by long serving football journalists, coaches and administrators.
Ben Kurtis Omoding Snr, who headed Fufa in 1994, concurred with Magogo and advised the Fufa boss to make such intercourses frequent.

The same was echoed by Jimmy Mugunga, former Uspa president. In that line, Fufa will meet the scribes’ body on Friday in an interaction that is aimed at streamlining working relations between the two bodies.

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