Lumala Stranded With DMC Rally Car


Word on the grapevine is that retired city motor rally ace Moses Lumala is sad and blue after being duped with a fake rally car.

Snoops reveal that a few months ago, Lumala injected close to Shs300m in importing a new rally car since he was planning to make a comeback in the game.

But now the silent businessman is said to be stranded with a fake Mitsubishi Evolution X car that was imported into the country by his close friend Nasser Mutebi.

Lumala was planning to participate in the recent concluded Pearl Of Africa rally but he was disappointed at the last minute when he flew in the head of the inspection to do the marking which later found that Lumala’s car was not tallying with the computerized Markings of World Rally Marking Guidelines.

Lumala Stranded With DMC Rally Car
Moses Lumala

Sources say that Lumala’s car was not ‘reading’ in the categories of the rally car markings. Meanwhile, sources add that during the time of the marking, the importer Nasser Mutebi had already sneaked out of the country to Poland.

This left Lumala very sad and is stranded with the fake Evolution X car, because it has killed his dream of resuming the motor rally game.

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