Lukwago misses meeting as Kampala leaders resolve to end fights

By Amos Ngwomoya

A crisis meeting which was convened on Tuesday in Kampala by Kampala Minister Beti Olive Kamya resolved to end the fights among leaders at City Hall to ensure uninterrupted operations.

The five-hour closed door meeting was triggered by the current impasse at City Hall, which has since paralysed many projects meant for development.

While addressing Journalists shortly after the meeting, Ms Kamya underscored the need to work together for a better city.

“We have resolved that we stop the bickering and work together. We have also resolved to bury the past and move forward because Kampala people need services,” Ms Kamya said.

Although lord mayor Erias Lukwago didn’t attend the meeting, she said that a committee headed by the deputy lord mayor had been set up to brief him on the resolutions.

Samuel Sserunkuuma, the KCCA Acting deputy executive directors said that its high time Kampala leaders put aside their egos and work for the people.

“We are tired of admiring other cities yet ours is dirty. Let’s move forward as a team and make Kampala great,” Mr Sserunkuma said.

Charles Sserunjogi, the Kampala central division mayor said that as political leaders, there is no need to fight.

The meeting was attended by KCCA executive director, Jennifer Musisi and her team, the deputy Lord Mayor, Sarah Kanyike, KCCA councillors and division mayors.

On July 1, there was a mixture of anger and drama yesterday at City Hall as Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) staff snubbed a council meeting.

The meeting, which was scheduled to discuss the Bills on Kampala markets, taxis and boda bodas, had been called by Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago two weeks ago.

Notices were served to the Kampala minister, KCCA executive director, division mayors and all councillors.

The preparation of the two Bills was triggered by the urgent need to streamline the operations of Kampala markets and transport business in the city.

However, as Mr Lukwago prepared to chair the meeting, he learnt that the KCCA deputy executive director, Mr Samuel Serunkuma, had written to Kampala Minister Beti Kamya on Friday, querying its legality.

In a three-page letter, a copy of which Daily Monitor has seen, Mr Sserunkuma stated that whereas the Bills had been presented for the first reading before the council in May, they had not been drafted.

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