Lilly Kadima impresses revelers at Eco Tourism event in Jinja


The event took place at Jinja sailing club.

PIC: Kadima with some of her dancers performing on stage. (Credit: Reagan Ssempijja)


By Reagan Ssempijja

JINJA – Time memorial, Jinja has always been known for its attractive and beautiful sceneries that continue to attract not only Ugandans but revelers from various parts of the world.

However, with all the beauty in Jinja, the persisting short coming has been that the people of Jinja and Ugandans at large donnot celebrate the beauty and diverse culture around them.

This, and many more, is one of the reasons that prompted Lilly Kadima, an Afro-fusion artist, to organise a concert geared at celebrating the culture and beauty of Jinja and the entire Busoga ethnicity.

The event took place at Jinja sailing club.

Speaking at a a press conference organised at the national theatre two days before the event, Kadima said the entire celebration and appreciation of Eco-tourism, culture and beauty of Busoga would be summed up in a musical and dance concert because they believe people understand and enjoy the message better if it is passed on through entertainment.

The show started at 8pm with Iguru who performed a song full of soulful lyrics describing the beauty of Jinja and the entire pride of being a musoga.

Sanyu K also hit the stage shortly after and was flanked by a number dancers who were entertaining people along a number of busoga folk songs on live band instruments.

Part of the beautiful river Nile that attracted revelers before the event.(Credit: Reagan Ssempijja)

In a short time, the MC of the night, Jonathan Jaxta, announced the main act of the night, who happened to be Lily Kadima making the entire crowd go crazy.

Kadima hit the stage dressed in a green  floral costume depicting the green cover in Jinja.

She performed her famous tracks such as Nazaala, Andoga among others which thrilled the crowds.

Her performance was aimed at showing the beautiful culture of Busoga and its attractive Ecozones.

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