LC2 polls for July 27


Kampala. Government has said parish local council (LC2) elections will be held on July 27 across 8,386 parishes countrywide.
The State Minister for Local Government, Ms Jennifer Namuyangu, said the electorate for LC2 elections will constitute the 11 executive committee members from the village level.
“A parish can be made up of anywhere between five to 10 villages. From these will come one person who will be nominated for the position,” Ms Namuyangu said yesterday in an interview.
This means that if a parish has roughly 10 villages, each village will be represented by 110 members and the total number of voters will be about 922,460.
The electoral process for local council leaders started when the Electoral Commission (EC) conducted general elections for LCI and women council leaders on July 3 and July 9 respectively.
“Everything is set (for the LC2 polls). We are hoping that the violence and some mishaps that happened in the process do not come back again, we are on the ground to make sure the polls go on smoothly,” Mr Jotham Taremwa, the EC spokesperson, said.
“It is now recruitment of members on the various committees and thereafter there will be nominations for the candidates on July 24 for the LC2,” he added.
Meanwhile, the State Minister of Gender and Cultural Affairs, Ms Peace Mutuuzo, in a press briefing at the Uganda Media Centre in Kampala yesterday, said the women council leaders’ election will be held on July 23.
Ms Mutuuzo encouraged village women councils and other leaders to participate in the parish elections.
“I call upon all women to remain solid, strong, committed like in the village elections to really turn out. Be bold and vote candidates of their choice without fear,” she said.
“Elected village women council leaders will choose five members to represent them at parish level for the election,” the minister added.
According to the Local Council Regulations Act 2007, functions of LC2s include; settling land disputes and mobilising the community for various activities.
The Act also stipulates that they are supposed to get five per cent of the local revenue collected by the sub-county.

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