Land Commission Snapper Drowns Own Job In Booze


Boston Ssali, the photographer whom the Commission of inquiry into land matters hired to take photos during their sessions and inquiries, is a ‘booze war hero’ whose job does not matter when the bottle is nearby.

Our snoop spotted Ssali at various bars in Jinja, where he was splashing money at counters in Ivan Ssemwanga style.

The Commission had camped in Jinja, where they were taking all the land ‘bulls’ by the horns. Ssali’s boozing sprees however backfired on him on Thursday because he spent the whole afternoon napping on the Public Service College grass where the Commission was sitting to do their work, while he nursed his hangover.

Ssali, who is also the official Judiciary Photographer, became a laughing stock amongst villagers and other officials who tried their best to awaken him in vein, until a police officer stepped hard on his shoe.

Land Commission Snapper Drowns Own Job In Booze

He immediately sprung up and haphazardly collected his gadgets like a deaf person who had heard a bomb blast, causing bouts of laughter from the crowd that had surrounded him.

He then pleaded with everyone not to report him to Justice Catherine Bamugemereire, before rushing inside the hall.

“People are looking for jobs and the Judiciary is hiring people like him! I wonder whether he has even a single photo taken with his camera!,”  A one Waiswa, who was amongst the villagers exclaimed.

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