Klopp: We need luck to beat Man City


LONDON- Jürgen Klopp has revealed the potent formula required to defeat Pep Guardiola’s teams: courage and luck.

Klopp has seven victories over the Spaniard as Liverpool and Borussia Dortmund manager. Rather than detail intricate tactical masterplans accounting for this success, Klopp offered a more basic explanation.

“Last year we won the last three games against City, twice in the Champions League and one in the league. After none of these games you go in the dressing room and think, ‘Now we got it, now we know how to beat Manchester City,’” he said. “There is no real way, no one thing you have to do that you can beat them – that’s not there.

“You have to be ready, you need a fantastic football team – which I have, thank God – with an outstanding character, ready for being brave, ready for making mistakes against an outstanding opponent. That’s it and then it can work, that’s all we need to know. But I said it before, always someone is telling me, ‘Good luck for Sunday’, and I think always, unfortunately, we need it.

“We needed it in all the games we played against them and we will need it again, but that’s no problem. If you work hard, you earn it, you deserve it, and that’s what we try to do mixed up with very good football, that’s the plan. You have to create your own moments, you have to be brave in these situations as well and then it can work, but there is no guarantee, absolutely not.” Liverpool were beaten away at Napoli in the Champions League in midweek. Klopp wants that to serve as motivation.

Bad feeling
“I didn’t want to lose at Napoli but if you ask me which is the best preparation, mood-wise, it’s that we lose a game,” said Klopp. “We felt it, and we don’t want to have that feeling again. So we will fight with all we have for a different result.

“(Show) the greed to respond, that’s it. We know we can do better, and for the weekend we know we have to do better. That’s what we try now, against one of the strongest teams in world football.” Whatever the outcome this weekend, Klopp says he enjoys meetings with City as both clubs fulfil their duty to play exciting football. “I had it last week after we drew at Chelsea and when I turned to Maurizio Sarri he was smiling and he looked at me and said, ‘You enjoy that, huh?’ I said, ‘Actually, yeah, I do!’ I loved that game.

“I said it a few times and I can say it again, I really think the most important thing for football – the most important job of football – is entertaining the people, because it’s only football, it’s nothing else. We don’t save lives, we don’t create anything, we are not good in surgeries, we are only good in football.


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Southampton vs. Chelsea (SS3, 4.15PM)
Liverpool vs. Man City (SS3, 6.30PM)


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