Killed Kirumira suspect rarely spoke – Imam


By Tom Malaba

Abdul Kateregga, 40, was on September 29 shot dead in Namungoona, Kampala, on accusations of participating in the killing of former policeman Muhammad Kirumira.
The security operatives who killed Kateregga, according to a statement issued by the police, say he was running away from them.
It is said that at the time the security operatives pounced, Kateregga was talking to his wife, Ms Mariam Kasujja, next to her charcoal-selling point. A father of nine and husband of two wives, Kateregga died shortly after the shooting.
After the news broke of Kateregga’s killing, President Museveni posted on twitter: “It turns out that Kateregga was one of the ADF terrorists that had benefited from amnesty in the past. This, therefore, is to put on notice all the killers that the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23).”

What others say about him
In light of his killing, eliminating the chance of him ever defending himself on the allegations that he killed Kirumira in the same fashion he was killed, we sought to find details about the man accused of participating in a crime that shook the country.
Kateregga’s wish was to be buried in one of the Muslim cemeteries in Kampala a few hours after his death, but the manner of his death did not allow it and he was buried at his family’s burial grounds in Mbale District two days after his death.
Kateregga was born in Mbale in the family of Musa Ngujja. Like the Semei Kakungulu family, the Ngujja family migrated from Buganda, acquired land and settled in Mbale long ago.
In the 1990s, sources say, Kateregga joined the Allied Democratic Army (ADF) that was based in DR Congo and staged attacks in western Uganda, in the process being accused of orchestrating heinous crimes, including the burning to death of students at Kichwamba Technical College in 1996.
He was later granted amnesty after he renounced rebellion, returning home to acquire an Isuzu Canter truck which he took to driving, ferrying sand and other materials.
Prior to his death, those who knew him say Kateregga’s truck had spent over one week in the garage being repaired.
Family members and friends described Kateregga as a humble and calm man who always sat inside his Isuzu Canter truck waiting for customer along Nakivubo Place in down town Kampala.
One of his brothers described him as “a comforter who always made sure his family was united”.
When he had no job to do, we were told, Kateregga would retreat to his truck to read the Quran.
He was a regular at the Mandela Mosque in Kikuubo trading centre, we were told, where he often observed the evening prayers.
The Imam of Mandela Mosque in Kikuubo, Sheikh Jibril Muwonge, is dissatisfied with the killing of Kateregga. He says it is proof that the State is out to kill all former members of ADF, even those who surrendered and were granted amnesty.
Sheikh Muwonge says since Kateregga was not armed, security operatives should have arrested and presented him in court to face the charges. He says it would not have been hard to pick him from Mandela Mosque since he nearly always attended evening prayers from there.
Sheikh Muwonge was Kateregga’s favorite imam and he always made sure he attended prayers when he was leading prayers.
“Kateregga was the kind of person who even had a permanent place where he sat in the mosque. He was humble and quiet and it was difficult to find him involved in fights with anybody,” Shiekh Muwonge said.
He wondered why President Museveni always tries to explain the deaths instead of allowing investigations to take place and find the killers.
“When Kaweesi was killed, President Museveni came up and blamed the lack of street cameras, when Abiriga was killed the President blamed it on was boda boda wearing hoods, when Kirumira was murdered the same President blamed the church noise,” Sheikh Muwonge wondered.
Sheikh Muwonge says three other members of his mosque were arrested in the operation in which Kateregga was killed. The arrested, according to Sheikh Muwonge, are Ahmed Sebiina a resident of Nsangi on Kampala-Masaka road, one Amir Sentongo Musisi, who drives a pick-up along Nakivubo Place, and another unidentified person.

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