Kamya orders Lukwago to organise council meetings


‘I urge you to urgently call authority meetings to adopt the resolutions of the July 24 meeting in which 90% councillors and executive members attended’

KCCA– Kampala Minister Beti Kamya has directed City Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago to resume council meetings immediately.

In her letter to Lukwago, Kamya said: “Reference is made to the numerous correspondents between yourself, the office of the executive director, Kampala Capital City Authority and this office on the above subject with specific attention to the following letters.

“It is unfortunate that all these activities did not preempt the impasse that witnessed authority meetings you called on the 2 and 9 July flop due to non performance by the technical arm of the authority,” Kamya said in her letter dated 10 August.

 She said: “Being a strong believer in dialogue as the first step towards conflict management and resolution, Kampala affairs ministry organised a harmonisation meeting between yourself, councillors and the executive of KCCA.

In attendance was the RCC Kampala Metropolitan Police, attorney general and this ministry, in this meeting it was resolved by 32 councillors that I urge you to urgently call authority meetings to adopt the resolutions of the July 24 meeting in which 90% councillors and executive members attended.

“Please appraise me of the progress on this matter which if not resolved can only hurt the tax payer through poor service delivery,” Kamya said in her letter.


Kamya in July wrote to Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), executive director Jennifer Musisi demanding that a meeting be organised between Lukwago and Musisi’s office to harmonise business at City Hall.

Kamya in a letter dated July 4, told Musisi that she is aware of her concerns which she addressed to the minister’s office on the way Lukwago has been conducting council meeting affairs.

“I have discussed your concerns with the Lord Mayor and we agreed to hold a meeting between yourself, the Lord Mayor, division mayors and the Resident City Commissioner under the chair of the minister to harmonizing the conflicting positions in the management of KCCA affairs,” Kamya’s letter states.

The letter copied to the state minister for Kampala Affairs, Lord Mayor, deputy lord mayor and the under secretary followed a series of communications from the office of the executive director among which was the conduct of the councillors during council meetings.

On the 27 June the technical team snubbed a special meeting and instead wrote to Kamya. 

In his letter to Kamya, the deputy executive director, Samuel Sserukuuma, told the Lord Mayor and his council that certain items on the order paper such as Bills of Ordinance and elections of chairpersons and members of Standing Committees should be handled in Ordinary meetings not a special meeting because they were not emergencies.

Lukwago had called a Special meeting and the two items were on his order paper.   Lukwago, however, convened another meeting on July 2 which the technical team again snubbed on grounds that the finance ministry had not disburses funds for the institution.



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