Kagina promises to fix tourism roads in Kigezi Sub region


The Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) executive director Ms Allen Kagina has said government is looking for money to work on tourism roads in Kigezi sub region which are in poor state.

Ms Kagina who toured the roads on Tuesday and Wednesday said during the meeting with investors in the tourism sector and leaders in the districts of Kisoro, Kabale and Rubanda at Rushaaga Campsite in Nyabwishenya Sub County Kisoro that UNRA has already done the feasibility study for improving the roads.

The recommended intervention is upgrading the roads from marram to paved (tarmac) standard.

“I am waiting for money, feasibility studies are done. The next step is procurement but to do this (procurement) government has to give me money,” said Ms Kagina.

She added, “We have tasked government to give us money for the South-Western Uganda tourism roads. The President is in China looking for money for these roads.”

Ms Kagina however did not indicate how much money government is looking for specifically for.

Responding to the outcry of the investors, local leaders and other players in tourism over the poor state of the roads Ms Kagina further said she organized the meeting and tour to talk about the challenge and find the solutions together.
“I appreciate why you are angry; because the potential is obvious and you can’t tap that potential when you don’t have access. We are not able to tap our wealth because we are not able to make access,” said Ms Kagina.


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