Juliana Threatens To Sue Desire’s Lwasa


All is not well between songbird Juliana Kanyomozi and Desire Luzinda ‘Sweet daddy’ Emmanuel Lwasa.

Snoops reveal that Juliana, who recently released a new track titled ‘Still Here’ has threatened to drag Lwasa to court, over what she terms as invading her privacy. The feud between them started a few days back when Lwasa took a Selfie of himself aboard a plane, in which he captured Juliana seated next to him.

After taking the Selfie, Lwasa allegedly shared the snap on social media, as if to imply that he had travelled to America specifically with Juliana. This however sparked off a huge uproar as many of Juliana’s fans started insinuating that she had snatched Lwasa from Desire. In order to clear the air about the allegations, Juliana took to her facebook wall and posted a lengthy statement blasting Lwasa for what he had done, before threatening to sue him. Here is Juliana’s statement;

“I’m not one to come here and rant or respond to rubbish. But this right here is madness. For starters who is this person? People have been asking me about someone and I was not understanding until someone sent me an article.

You can’t come and take a picture of someone simply because they happen to be sitting next to you on a plane without their permission, and then go ahead and share it implying that I’m traveling with you. He didn’t even have the courtesy to greet me!!!!!! Let alone request to take a picture with or of me.

This is intruding on other people’s privacy and I could sue you for it!!! What the hell is wrong with some people, abantu tebakyalina mpisa???”

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