Jilted man sets his wife on fire


Kampala. Ms Gloria Anena, 24, wails in pain at the surgical ward of Gulu Regional Referral Hospital as a nurse gives her medication on a sunny Sunday afternoon.
Bedridden for five days at the facility, the sight of Ms Anena’s half body wrapped in bandage sends shivers down one’s spine.
She was strong and healthy, until last Tuesday when her husband, whom they had lived with for the last six years, turned violent, soaked her in petrol before setting her ablaze as he accused her of infidelity.

The origin
The mother of a one-year-old boy and resident of Kasubi Central, Bardege Division, Gulu Municipality told Daily Monitor on Sunday that her misery started after she helped take home an elderly drunk man who had fallen in front of their house.
“It was about 9pm when I returned home after safely taking the elderly man to his place. My husband became furious and asked where I had been. He accused me of infidelity and demanded that I take him to the elderly man to which I heeded,” Ms Anena said.
She, however, noted that on their way, her husband began beating her before turning back.

“When we reached home, I chose to stay outside our grass thatched hut knowing he would turn violent. After 20 minutes, I felt something cold on my body and when I turned to ask my husband what it was, he responded it was my time to go before throwing a lit match stick on me,” she said.
Ms Anena revealed that her husband has a long history of violence and that she has on several occasions been battered.
The officer-in-charge of criminal investigation at Gulu Central Police Station, Mr Ronald Were, told Daily Monitor that the suspect has been charged with attempted murder and remanded at Gulu Central Prison.
But Ms Anena, however, said had forgiven her husband and wanted him out of prison so that they can raise their son together.

Her aunt, Ms Evelyn Atto, however demanded justice to take its course, arguing that the suspect has made it a habit to torment her niece.
A medical personnel, who preferred anonymity since he is not authorised to speak to the press, said the patient’s condition is improving.
He noted that the victim suffered a second degree burn that affected the neck, face, back, and breast.


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