Jazz Safari Top flight promotion: ACC keep the faith


A win against a weaker Jinja SS then would have given them the keys to the kingdom.

PIC: Africa Cricket Club pose before  a league match. (Credit: Kasozi Balikuddembe)


Jazz Safari National Men’s League Division Two

KAMPALA – Following their relegation from the top tier to division two in 2011, Uganda’s oldest surviving cricket club have not found their way back to where they believe they belong.

In between it has been a series of near misses. certainly the pinnacle of such misses  was last season when they failed to make the cut by the fact that Jinja SS could not honor what was a decisive last league fixture against ACC.

A win against a weaker Jinja SS then would have given them the keys to the kingdom.

A lack of sportsmanship was expressed against Habibu Mugalula’s boys who had cited a tight school program as some players were preparing for their final papers.

However it is a new season and that is all a blip in the rear mirror as ACC are again focusing on that somewhat elusive qualification.

Despite a lack of appearance in the first division all these years, there is none the less consistent growth as a club.

They take pride in Hima Cement’s sponsorship that has given them a new lease of life.

All said could this be the year for the big break? Sylvester Rokhani and Co remain positive  as  their winning rate remains impressive. 

It is still early to draw conclusions but the 29 points from seven games is something not to be ignored.

Star batsman Daniel Batuwa will hope to remain at his electric best throughout the entire campign especially now that he has scored at least 186 runs this campaign. Collins Okwalinga and Marvin Kitamirike have picked 11 and 13 wickets respectively.

The race this year in division two is as competitive as it gets with leaders Patidar, ACC, SKLPS, and Tornado coming off strong.  Top two teams qualify for division one.

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