It’s a three horse race at Senior Pool League


The competition is going to be tight especially with Capital Night showing a lot of promise.


Senior Pool League

Sunday: 2pm

Hot Pool v Sinkers, Rock Catalina Ntinda

Skin Samona v Indigo, Pacify, Wakaliga

Capital Night v Scrap Buyers, Capital Pub, Bukoto

KAMPALA – The conclusion of the first round of the Betway Senior Pool league this Sunday will be one for the record books as three teams fight for top spot.

Capital Night, Hot Pool and Skin Samona have all bagged 35 points in the first round which means literally nothing separates the three.

Capital Night will face the stubborn Scrap Buyers while Hot Pool has a date with Sinkers at home and Skin Samona will host Indigo at Pacify Wakaliga.

The match ups for all teams give all sides wiggle room and if anything, both Hot Pool and Skin Samona could easily go for the bonus points win but that doesn’t call for carelessness.

Capital Night has a tougher opponent in the former champions Buyers and they will most likely make things difficult but if the former play well, then they can take the win.

A lot rides on all teams taking care of business this Sunday, failure to do that sets a bad precedence ahead of the second round.

“This time around the competition is going to be tight especially with Capital Night showing a lot of promise.

“This is going to be a three horse race and whether we shall win will depend on how we start the second round after the break,” Hot Pool Captain Kim Kirunga said.

He added that his club needs to take their chances especially at a time like this when all teams have a chance to change the course of their season.

“We have Sinkers on Sunday, the match looks simple but we cannot take things for granted which why we shall do our best,” Kirunga emphasised.

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