Idd-el-Fitr: Muslims decry insecurity


Islamic leaders across the country yesterday asked government to move swiftly and end the ongoing murders and killings.
Imam Fauza Kasule of Wandegeya in Kampala said the current state of insecurity has left many people worried for their dear lives.
“Security operatives should hunt for the killers and bring them to book because the situation is scary. Such cases of kidnap and murders leave every one scared because you can’t tell who will be the next victim,” he said.
He further asked people to be vigilant and also help the security personnel in reporting suspected criminals to authorities.
Imam Kasule’s remarks come hot on the heels of a spate of murders which have since paralysed the country, the latest one being the assassination of Arua Municipality MP, Ibrahim Abiriga and his brother Saidi Buga on Friday last week in Kawanda, Wakiso District.
He asked Muslims to remain faithful even after successfully completing the month of Ramadhan, urging them to pray for the country, and also remain holy.
“Maintain the discipline you have exhibited during the holy month because Allah requires us to remain holy all the time. Endeavour to uphold the Islamic teachings, by being exemplary, paying Zakat but above all, attending prayers,” he said.

In Mbale, the religious leaders in Bugisu and Bukedi sub-regions have urged Muslims to be security conscious and vigilant.
The Busia District Kadhi, Sheikh Juma Jamil Obamajo, said while leading Idd prayers, which took place at Mabibira playground on Friday in Busia Town, that in order to prevent crime, people must be vigilant.
“We need to be security conscious and report any suspicious development to the concerned authorities in time,” Sheikh Obamajo, said.
He added that laxity on the part of security agencies is partly responsible for the increasing murder cases.
Mr Issa Masaba, the Mbale District Kadhi, said during the Idd prayers in Mbale Town, that security should be a collective responsibility in the communities.
“Security should be a concern for everybody in our respective communities,” he said.
Mr Masaba, also urged Muslims to remain as faithful and peaceful as they have been in the holy month of Ramadhan.
Sheikh Juma Mugalya urged Muslims to keep peace and be forgiving even after Ramadhan.
“Forgiveness and repentance to the Lord is one of the strongest pillars of Islam and ought to be practised jealously as enshrined in the Koran writings, and you should as well be peaceful,” he said.
In Tororo, the district kadhi, Sheikh Ibrahim Asante Ragang appealed to government to strengthen security systems to end crime.
“The security officers should do more to fight the insecurity ranging from kidnaps to murders,” he said.
The sheikh also decried the increasing level of domestic violence in families and also urged authorities to regulate betting firms.

The Acholi District Khadi, Sheikh Musa Khalil, while preaching at the Idd-Fitr celebration in Gulu Town, called upon the Muslim community to pray for peace in the country.
“It is very sad that we have just lost one of our own during this holy period. Therefore, we must join hands and pray for peace in the country,” he said.
He advised Muslims to embrace government projects such as Operation Wealth Creation, ( OWC) that is geared towards poverty eradication.

In Mbarara, the district khadi Sheikh Abdul Mukwaya, while leading Idd prayers at Abubakar Jamia masijid, asked Muslims to pray for peace and security in the country.
“Let us pray for our country to have peace so that the killings that are happening in the country can stop. Criminals who are killing innocent people, the blood they are shading will turn against them and I request Muslims not to involve themselves in such acts’’ Sheikh Mukwaya said.
In Kanungu, Muslim leaders urged the faithful to unite and pray for Allah’s deliverance from what they termed as persecution by government.
They said Muslims were being falsely accused of engaging in kidnaps, murders and terrorism.
Imam Yahamidu Wamala from Ntungamo District urged Muslims to follow the teachings of Prophet Mohammed and unite.
By Amos Ngwomoya, Joseph Omollo, Polycap Kalokwera, Micheal Woniala, Felix Ainebyoona & Edson Kinene

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