Iberian battle of hairstyles

By Usher Komugisha

To understand the rivalry between Spain and Portugal, we have to go back to 1581. But today is not the day we go through a history lesson.
It is rather when we closely analyse with distinct emphasis the details that will massively affect whether or not trends emerge once again from the biggest sporting event in the world.
Such is the effect of the chosen hairstyles that are already sweeping Russia and the world by storm – from young to old, men and women and across whatever profession there is against the odds.
To know the seriousness of this matter, you have to go back to 2014 when the genesis of De Gea’s man-bun took over Hollywood with Leonardo di Caprio discarding the beard to join the party.
For now the bromance between Real Madrid stars – Cristiano Ronaldo and his captain Sergio Ramos could have stayed in Kiev after the Champions League final because at the World Cup in next-door Russia, not even their memories in recent years can change a thing.
As much as the football on the pitch provides a threshold for this rivalry to grow, it is also down to who has the best hairstyle that could take the world by storm. If not for the trends then let it be for the female folk to smile about for what is a World Cup with no sideshows?

Simple haircut
On the calmer side of things Portuguese midfielder Manuel Fernandes has chosen to wear a simple but nice haircut that is however complicated with a well-shaven beard but Gerard Pique’s traditional hairdo is one to reckon with.
In the goalkeepers corner, Beto set the stage for a battle with De Gea on who has the best ponytail but we know for sure that newly appointed Spanish coach Fernardo Hierro will not care who keeps a clean sheet.


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