I wanted to return to the bush over doctors’ strike, says Museveni

    By Monitor Correspondent

    President Museveni has castigated doctors for striking over low pay saying he is one of the public servants paid a low salary.
    Mr Museveni who captured power in 1986 after a five-year guerrilla war said doctors had provoked him into going back to the bush.

    “A doctor who goes on a strike is not a doctor. He is an enemy of the people. In fact I wanted to go back to the bush, but some people! I do not want to hear that non sense. We freedom fighters have been working in Uganda for the last over 50 years, either for low pay or no pay. But I am here,” he said while presiding over national celebrations to commemorate Labour Day in Sembabule District on Tuesday.

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    Mr Museveni further noted that he earns a monthly salary of Shs 3.6 million which is relatively lower than what some public servants earn.
    “President of Uganda gets Shs3.6m, and even that Shs 3.6 million, I accepted it in 1986. I was getting Shs180,000 before that. Authority does not depend on salary. I have authority, although I am paid a low salary,” he added.

    Last year, doctors went on a sit-down strike which started on November 6 and saw medical services in government aided hospitals paralysed with doctors listing a raft of demand s, including enhanced duty facilitation allowances, disbandment of the State House Health Monitoring Unit and a steady supply of sundries and other medical supplies in hospitals before they return to work.
    “Yes I wanted to bring Cuban doctors, because our own doctors behaved badly and unprofessionally,” Mr Museveni added on Tuesday.


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