I suffer dizzy spells when I get an erection


I am 19 years old but lately whenever I get an erection, my heart pumps very fast. I also sweat and feel so dizzy that I have to lie down to feel better. My blood pressure, and sugar levels were checked and were found to be normal. I have also checked for infections but everything is normal. Will I have children?

Dear Amos,
An erection, which is essential in normal reproduction and sexual enjoyment happens when the spongy tissues of the penis relax and the arteries of the penis, get a rush of blood. This rush squeezes the veins of the penis which close and trap blood to sustain an erection.
A normal-sized penis requires about 130ml of blood to erect and for this blood to cause an erection, it flows at a speed of about 30cm per second.

For a man with a big penis, more than 130mls of blood may be required for an erection and when it rushes in, it may leave the rest of the body short of blood. The brain is especially sensitive to changes in the amounts of blood it receives because it requires constant and adequate blood supply of glucose and oxygen, leading to dizziness or even fainting if the blood supply is inadequate.

This is especially true in people with low blood pressure, dehydration, anaemia or those, including the elderly, who may have nerve problems and may, therefore, not make blood circulatory adjustments to march the rush of blood into the penis. To restore normalcy, the body will call in the fear, fight and flight reaction leading to palpitations, and sweating.

Unfortunately, whenever you get an erection and get reactions, you develop fear of associated symptoms which may worsen them. Lying down and relaxing then increases the blood supply to the brain, hence the reason you feel better on lying down.
Whereas a number of men would prefer to have a big penis, a mere erection can take away much blood with a likelihood of the encountered symptoms but in extreme cases a person can end up fainting, worse still during sex.

The fact that doctors carried out tests and found nothing means that your problem could be due to having a big penis which requires that you sit or lie down, take a glass of water and relax whenever you get an erection and feel dizzy.
For reproduction, you should have sex while lying down.


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