I search for inner values in a woman – Kawesi

By Godfrey Lugaaju

Tell us briefly about yourself
I am Mark Kaweesi, 28. I am a B-boy and Hip-hop artist, creative facilitator, event’s organizer and fitness coach. I am also the chairman of Break-Fast Jam (annual breakdance event).

Do women do well in breakdancing?
They are quite many but there are lots of misconceptions that it is a men’s thing. It is however true that it is a male dominated thing but Big Arukisha and Joan have excelled in it and they have inspired other women.

What drives your passion for breakdancing?
I did not choose my career but I had no option. I started and before I knew I got exposure in different avenues. I later developed its love after the several attempts of doing it.

B-boy dancers are said to be womanisers, are you the kind?
I think that is about one’s nature. I have a girlfriend and we have been dating for four years now. I care about internal values like trust, honest. Most people take advantage of the breakdancing platform but professionally, we condone this. Whilst training these children I tell them to look at the bigger picture of things of what they want and how they intend to achieve it.

Do women hit on you?
They do but I try my level best to separate social and professional life. I use my girlfriend’s photo on my social media platforms to deter people because she means a lot to me. Every time I detect that one is heading in the direction of a relationship, I make it open to them that I am dating.

What do you do for leisure?
I read a lot and I believe in learning new things and keeping myself updated. I believe knowledge is in the books. Some of my favorite reads are Looting machine, Seven habits of highly effective people and Start with Y.

What would be your desired legacy?
I want people to remember me as a person who created a platform of nurturing and grooming talents in the b-boy field. It has impacted quite many. I am also working on establishing something called the imagination circle where all my works will be kept.

What is the weirdest thing you have ever heard said about you?
My girlfriend is Dutch but when we use a boda, people start asking me which job I do to have such a woman. To me it’s not about the color but the inner attributes, if I had got what I want in an African woman, it is her that I would be dating.

What excites you in a relationship?
I love deep conversations about the future. It is both romantic and personal rela5tionships. I am not an outgoing person but I like knowing people in just conversations

Tell me about your first dating experience.
I was dating an American girl who was older than me. She was 27 and I was 21. I was excited and nervous at the same time because there were many misconceptions that surrounded dating a white woman. We went into a long distance relationship and at times I had to stay awake all night just to skype her. It was a hectic and demanding relationship but exciting at the same time.

What turns you off in a relationship?
I hate lack of honesty, if a relationship cannot work, it is better off said. I hate poor communicators too.

What is love to you?
It is something expressed through actions, it is not a feeling. One should have the energy to sacrifice for someone. Actions and sacrifices should not necessarily be money related but it’s a pity that people attach love to costs.

What weird behavior do you carry with you?
I suck my tongue especially when I am trying to concentrate, it is something that I have always been doing since childhood.


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