I exercise three times a week


I am married and a mother. Having a child does not stop me from being stylish and taking care of myself.
For my hair, I use Amla oil daily which keeps my hair dark, curly, shiny and dandruff-free. I wash it once a week. To maintain healthy skin, I eat fruits such as avocado, apples, pineapple and vegetables.

It is hard to maintain body weight, especially after giving birth but I exercise three times a week. I eat a balanced diet to help my breastfeeding child get the necessary nutrients. I also do not drink alcohol when I am going to breastfeed because the alcohol content can get into the breast milk which would affect my baby. When I do, I drink a lot of water and spend about three hours before I breastfeed.

I drink three litres of water every day, which has helped me keep hydrated all the time, maintain good skin and weight management because it makes me feel full and no need to snack between meals.
After a day’s work, I get plenty of sleep for about eight hours. This keeps my mind calm and fresh the following day.

My baby and I usually go for routine medical checkups and get the necessary vaccinations to protect ourselves from acquiring some killer diseases. Since the time I gave birth, I often go to hospital to check on the progress of my child. When I get cramps, I do not take any tablets but instead take warm water, which relieves the pain.

As a mother, sometimes work gets hectic and I often feel fatigued. My husband always gives me a message and foot rub once in a while, which really brings back life and makes me feel fresh and relieved.

As told to Beatrice Nakibuuka


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