I don’t think she is wife material


I broke up with my girlfriend two months ago because; I didn’t feel she was marriage material. 

We had been living together for about a year and this lady was very dirty, didn’t know how to cook and I thought I was just forcing her to be a woman.

We broke up and I threw her out of my home. She left but called me after about three weeks crying for help. I went to meet her and she told me that she had no place to stay. She said that she was staying with her friend but things are not going on well.

I felt sorry for her and invited her to my place for some days till she finds a place to stay. 

It is now a month and she is not showing signs of leaving. In fact she is changed, she cooks and cleans and she is so loving which was not the case before.

I’m so confused about letting her in my life again.

Please advise?



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