I asked her out but she instead chose my best friend

By Eugene Mugisha

You know that feeling when you are attracted to your friend’s woman, but every part of you tells you that you cannot dare even think about it? I mean, she is a great girl, and you do not think he deserves her – because you think you are the better man. Most men have gone through this phase. I am one of those ‘most men’ myself.

Fortunately, I think I have outgrown such dangerous feelings. It happened to me thrice, and all the time, I managed to get myself under control before things got out of hand. But the second time, I almost lost it.

There was this girl, and if this world was just, she was supposed to me mine; it does not matter that he knew her first, that he infact introduced her to me.

The thing is, it was my idea. This right here was the problem; all that time he had known her, it never have occurred to him to ask her out. Then when I asked him, as a friend, to give me the heads up about his friend, he got it in his big head to ask her out. Luckily, she did not seem enthusiastic about it, as he told me later.

I was pleased about this. I immediately made my move too. But I had just got to know her and she knew me as a friend to her friend; the same friend who had just made a move on her after this long. And here I was, also declaring my intentions.

I can understand her confusion in that instant. But still, she should have chosen me over him, if not for anything else, for the sole fact that the fella had never mentioned it to her for all that time. But of course there was no way she would know that it was my original idea, although I was tempted to tell her. And that was a mistake because I wish I had insisted.

You see, she has turned out to be the perfect girlfriend to my friend. And I cannot help but wish she was my girlfriend instead, the largest part of me believes we were meant for each other.

Several times I get thoughts in my head, mad thoughts to tell her how she and him came to be, and convince her to dump him for me. But if you remember what I said, I am a good person, and a good friend and he is a good friend, apart from one big problem; he got my girlfriend. This is not healthy, I need to get professional help.


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