I am a fan of gold and silver- Namubiru

By Iryn Namubiru

“Bright colours are always good and can make you look all cheered up. Always pick something you are most comfortable in rather than what you think looks best.”

Iryn Namubiru, one of Uganda’s celebrated female musicians shares some fashion and beauty tips.

Do you work out to keep in shape?
I work out once in a while. I have not been in the gym for a year now. I need motivation.

What is your favourite colour, and why?
There are two colours; black and white. Or I should say, black because I can match it with almost anything.

Where do you shop?
I mainly live in France so I buy everything there and wherever else I see something good. It could be by the road.

What informs your choice when buying any attire?
My body structure mainly, and size. I wear a different size up from the waist and a different one below the waist.

Do you care for fashion labels?
No I do not. I care more about what looks good on me especially if it is leather, “genuine leather”, and good fabric as long as I do not pay for bad quality.

What kind of jewellery do you wear?
I wear jewellery that I can afford and that I think goes well with my complexion. I am a fan of gold and silver mainly for the waist, ears and neck.

How do you choose your stage attire?
It is always very difficult for me. I try on different outfits and settle for one. At the last minute, depending on the mood, I can change another four times until I pick one. And still, I carry another two in the car, just in case.

What is your favourite lipstick colour ?
My favourite will always be the nude, natural looking or “no make-up look”. It makes me look natural, young and beautiful.


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