Human sacrifice: Two sentenced to 40 years in jail

By Jessica Sabano

Mukono–The High Court sitting in Mukono has handed a 40-year jail term to a man and his daughter-in-law after finding them guilty of human sacrifice.

Justice Margret Mutonyi, while delivering her judgement on Tuesday, said the two deserved the punishment because they had no authority to end someone’s life.

Prosecution led by Janat Kitimbo told court that on November 29, 2016, Edward Odoi, 67, and his daughter in-law Margret Nampijja, 22, at Ntonto village in Seeta Namuganga, Mukono District, sacrificed their neighbour Yurita Namata, 60.

The two, according to prosecution, accused their victim of being a witch and a night dancer before invading her home where they assaulted her in the presence of some members of the community.

A day later, the woman went missing before her dismembered body was recovered in the nearby bush.

The head, tongue and brain tissue were missing.

Justice Mutonyi said the sentence is intended to deter people from human sacrifice.

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