How to streamline your idea

By Paul Njuguna

In the midst of our thoughts, it is common to experience the so called ‘Aha’ moments. Such moment happen when you discover how unique your idea is. Well, before you rubber stamp your success, it would be necessary to ensure that your idea resonates with a few start-up realities. But what would these realities be?

Increase the quality of life
Today, we look back at these companies and refer to their founders as revolutionaries. In the start-up world, there is a belief that if a start-up is founded on the basis of making meaning, most likely it will make a lot of money. On the other hand, if it is founded on the basis of making money, chances are that it will neither make meaning nor any money. If you look at Facebook for instance, it was created out of the psychological basis that humans will always want to know what their fellow humans are doing and likewise share the same to their fellows. Therefore, we could only say that the founders increased the quality of life for their users.

Make a wrong right
The other important aspect that should feature as a start-up reason should be your ability to single out a wrong in society and fix it. This may mainly apply to the not for profit companies where you could identify a crime, pollution or even an abuse in society and correct it.

Prevent the end of something good
There comes a time when we cannot stand the end of something good. A story is told of how a former Nobel Peace Laureate, the late Wangari Maathai, could not stomach the government’s idea to commercialise vast chunks of forest land. She went ahead to start-up the Greenbelt Movement and then became an evangelist for reforestation in Kenya. None of this would have happened if she did not stand up against the regime then.
As such, you have to consider what motivates you in starting up your company. If you find out that your motivation is not among these three aspects, then you better start all over again.
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