How can I stop wetting my bed?

By Dr Vincent Karuhanga

I am 18 but still wet my bed. I have taken herbs and pastors have prayed for me but this bad habit persists. What can I do?

Dear Nalumansi,
Any child can urinate on their beds until they learn to stay dry around six or seven years with girls generally stopping earlier than boys. Sometimes, however, one may stop urinating on the bed only to restart usually as a result of another condition.

At 18 this lack of bladder control can lead to lots of stress due to the embarrassment it brings. Unfortunately, stress and fear to bed-wet only perpetuates the problem.
Though the bed wetting may run in families, a smaller bladder, an overactive bladder muscle, problems with production of a brain hormone meant to reduce production of urine at night, being on medications including those for depression may all lead to bedwetting.

Other causes of bedwetting in adults include diabetes, urinary tract infections, nerve problems (neurological disorders, some type of snoring (obstructive sleep apnoea) and bladder abnormalities.
Though many people who wet their beds usually shy away from doctors, you must see a urologist for examination to determine the cause and if found, to deal with it. Also, the doctor may prescribe drugs or carry out surgery to help with the problem.

There are other things you must do to help out, including bladder capacity improvement. Here one drinks large amounts of liquids during day while refraining from urinating for as long as possible hence increasing their bladder capacity.
An alarm system can be used as one begins to urinate, the urine makes an alarm go off hence waking her up. Also limiting fluid intakes in the evening can be useful. A pamper or a waterproof mattress may also come in handy.

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