Heavy rain destroys 50 houses in Kaliro District

By Yazid Yolisigira Kaliro

Residents of six villages in Kisinda Sub County, Kaliro District were left with almost nothing following a heavy downpour that destroyed their houses and crops on Thursday evening.

Heavy rainfall accompanied by hailstorms and gusty winds, destroyed at least 50 houses including schools in the villages of Nakaboko, Isulubi, Namuntu, Namumbya, Bukayale, Kiroba and Bukunya.

“As the rain started it was followed by strong winds and hailstorm which destroyed crops and houses,” Ms Joan Naigaga, a resident of Nakaboko village said, adding that at least five people sustained injuries and were rushed to nearby health centres for treatment.

A two-classroom block at Busulumba primary school and a latrine at Kisinda primary school were also left roofless.

Mr Samuel Nyago, the deputy headteacher of the school said the affected block harboured primary one and two classes.

“Following heavy rainfall, primary one and two pupils are now stranded with nowhere to study from,” Mr Nyago said.

The LCIII vice chairperson of Kisinda Sub County, Mr Philip Waako, said that the damage was big and appealed to the government to intervene and support locals who most likely to face the problem of food shortage.

“Some of the affected residents slept at Nakaboko primary school classroom due to lack of shelter at their homes. The government should come in to help its people,” Mr Waako said.


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