He impregnated his ex behind his girlfriend’s back

By Eugene Mugisha

She says she has given up on men. Her exact words are ‘men are created special!’, but not said in a positive way. She says with a lot of disappointment and disbelief, asking ‘What kind of human being does something like that? And gets to sleep at night!’. And she is absolutely right; there is probably something messed up in our genetic makeup.
There is this one man who has been on her case for more than a year now and has convinced her that he wants to settle down with her.
See, all this time he was singing sweet melodies into her ears, he was also still seeing his ex, the same girl he told our girl he left ages ago. And this probably would have gone on for much longer, hadn’t ex-turned up pregnant.

A workmate to ex, who is a friend to our girl here, lets call her workmate, starts noticing that ex’s tummy is becoming rounder. But workmate knows that ex broke up with boyfriend sometime back, since boyfriend is seeing our girl.
So, workmate minds her own business, and keeps her mouth shut, probably believing that ex has some other man who is responsible for the pregnancy.

This silence goes on for a month or so, during which workmate even meets with our girl but does not bring up the ex. Then one day, workmate is looking out the window, waiting for a lift back home when lo and behold, she espies ex walking towards the car park. She is headed towards a blue car that seems familiar. Too familiar indeed, because the person that comes out of blue car is none other than our Mr Ready, who, if you remember well was supposed to be done and through with ex ‘ages ago’, and is waiting for our girl to only say the word, and wedding bells would sound.

But for a moment, workmate has her doubts; she believes that her eyes are playing tricks on her. So she squints her eyes and looks closer; and as if on cue, Mr Ready looks up towards her, giving her a full view of his face. He then rushes towards the passenger door, and opens the door for ex with his signature flourish. This is something that he does always, for any female that he is giving a lift. Now workmate is convinced that ex’s bulge is for Mr Ready.
Without wasting time, she quickly dials our girl’s number and says they need to meet as a matter urgently. The two head out to their favourite hangout and there, workmate breaks the news. Our girl’s laughs long and hard, till tears start rolling down her cheeks. And then she laughs some more.

Finally, looking up with teary eyes, she asks workmate – who is looking at her like she has lost her marbles- what kind of material men are made out of. ‘“Seriously, how do these guys think? And to imagine that I actually believed him. Oh my God! I need a strong drink.“ And so, like that, the two get drunk very quickly. But the next morning, the reality is still fresh and it hurts. That she had banked all her hopes, made plans to spend the rest of her life with this double-faced, two-timing sob.

And meanwhile, Mr Ready has not showed any signs of change; he still pays her the same attentions and still tells her she is his soulmate, with a straight face.
Because she has not told him she knows about his ongoing dalliances with ex. The current debate is whether – when she finally tells him that she knows- he will try to deny her or own up. So far, the ones who believe he will deny it are still winning in numbers.


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