Have some humility, Uganda tells European Parliament


“We also object to the condescending tone contained in the language of this resolution.”


KAMPALA – The resolution passed by the European Parliament last week on the recent political developments, including the arrest of MPs from the opposition, has angered Uganda.

Following debate on the recent political developments in Uganda, the European Parliament last week passed a resolution, among others, asking the Ugandan government to drop what it said appears to trumped up charges against Kyadondo East MP, Robert Kyagulanyi, also known as Bobi Wine.

The EU Parliament also asked Uganda to stop a crackdown on opposition MPs and reminded the country of its international obligation to protect fundamental freedoms.

It also called on the Ugandan security forces to exercise restraint in policing protests, and urged the protestors to act in a law-abiding manner as well as exercise their rights within the law.

The EU Parliament has recently voiced its criticism towards Uganda, calling for an end to what it calls a crackdown on opposition politicians

In response, government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo has said Uganda rejects what he called undisciplined behaviour of the European Union and its institutions.

“We also object to the condescending tone contained in the language of this resolution,” reads a statement issued by Opondo at the Uganda Media Centre on Monday.

“Could the EU Parliament and those who actively promote impunity in other people’s nations have some humility in this area, especially given the fact that matters are under investigation are sub-judice?”

Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo said some youths were paid to take part in recent protests

Opondo, who is also the executive director of Uganda Media Centre, insisted that foreign powers are bankrolling the Opposition and civil society to destabilise Uganda, with their ultimate aim being to gain access to Uganda’s natural resource wealth.

“For us who understand diplomacy, we know, for example, the US can give you money and also give your enemy. In the recent riots, some young people were being given money to take part in protests,” he said.


Uganda has also rejected what it calls lectures on press freedom, and said the EU Parliament resolution is partly provoked by the choices Uganda has made on certain matters.

“Our country is the most open in the world — both in terms of infrastructure and news coverage latitude given to reporters. Uganda has well over 300 media houses and even actively promotes citizen journalism.

“However, some reporters paid and embedded with the violent elements simply to project their country as a hotbed of violence will not be tolerated,” added the statement.

“We all need a stable Uganda even if some are opposed to its current government.”

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