Gov’t Urged To Revise Taxes Levied On Smart Phones To Hasten Internet Access


The Government has been asked to revise taxes levied on smart phones and other data capable devices to accelerate internet access in Uganda.

A 2016 survey done by Uganda communication commission shows that internet penetration in Uganda stands at 37%.

Speaking during the Uganda internet for all forums at the communication commission, Wim Vanhellepte the chief executive officer MTN said that few Ugandan possess Data capable devices and this subsequently reduce internet usage in Uganda .

“Internet usage rate in Uganda is still very low, this is because many citizens can afford smartphones or daily data. If Ugandan government could revise the taxes levied on them, it could help speed up internet penetration,” Wim said.

He said that concept of internet being expensive can be rectified if many subscribers swam internet usage thus making this business more meaningful and worthy investing.

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