Govt to gazette graduates, official documents to check forgery

By Stephen Otage

Kampala. The Uganda Printing and Publishing Corporation (UPPC) and Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB), have started a move to gazette university academic certificates and all legal and security documents registered with government to protect their validity and integrity.
Speaking at the signing ceremony last week, Mr Bemanya Twebaze, the registrar general of URSB, said the National Gazette is the most important government newspaper because it is where all legal documents are registered to protect such information against forgery.

Copy rights
“All copy rights, business names, insolvency notices, and change of name, should be gazetted. This is a very important document as far as government is concerned,” he said, adding: “UPPC and URSB employees will be sitting at the business facilitation centre to make services accessible to the public.
Asked to explain what the Uganda Gazette does, Ms Irene Muwanguzi, the UPPC managing director, said Uganda Gazette is a newspaper which announces and records all important occurrences in the country.
They include new appointments to government offices, registration of businesses, letters of administration appointments to civil service and all universities are supposed to gazette all the graduands to validate and authenticate them.
“We have had restrictions which made us to work at a minimum level but we are restructuring the whole entity to increase outreach,” she said.
Ms Muwanguzi added that publishing such information in the gazette preserves its integrity and protects the parties involved.

The Uganda Gazette is a weekly A4-size booklet published in black and white every Friday.
It was established by the colonial government in 1903 to publish all legal information. Currently, it is sold in selected bookshops and outlets.
It also contains information from professional institutions like accountants, lawyers and engineers among others, who are allowed to practise in the country.
It publishes certificates of eligibility of newly qualified professionals, trademarks, deed polls, land titles, gazettes places of marriage, new bills and Acts of Parliament and statutory instruments and ordinances.
The Uganda Printing and Publishing Corporation is the authority mandated to publish it.

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