Govt addressing skills gap in oil and gas sector, says Ms Museveni


With commercial production of oil expected to begin soon, government focus, according to First Lady and minister of Education Ms Janet Museveni, is now geared towards skilling the local labour force, which continues to be wanting. The reskilling of particularly welders, crane operators, electricians and mechanics expected to be deployed in the oil and gas sector, she says, will be done through short and hands-on training.

According to Ms Museveni, Business Technical Vocational Education and Training will play a critical role in training local talent.
The aim, she said, is to churn out a skilled labour force that will contribute to economic growth and transformation.

Ms Museveni was speaking during the launch of CNOOC’s welders certification programme that will be offered in partnership with SunMaker Energy. Many Ugandans have no certification to handle large scale activities in the oil and gas sector.

Ms Museveni noted that the oil and gas sector lacks sufficient skilled labour, something the government is trying to address.
“…we have insufficient numbers of skilled welders and technicians yet thousands of them will be needed. As government we will help you close those gaps,” she said.

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