Government orders LC1 chairpersons to stop charges on land sales


Kampala. The Minister of State for Local Government, Ms Jennifer Namuyangu, has ordered Local Council 1 chairpersons countrywide to stop charging the 10 per cent fee on money from each land transaction in their areas because the levy is illegal.

While addressing journalists at the Uganda Media Centre in Kampala yesterday, Ms Namuyangu said chairpersons who continue to charge the fee will face severe consequences.

“The 10 per cent is illegal. People created it and it could be because of the holiday we have had since 2005 under the multiparty dispensation. The ministry will direct on what is supposed to be done about this issue, but LC chairpersons should desist from it immediately,” Ms Namuyangu said.
During the LC1 campaigns, the levy became a concern and the public urged government to explain it.
Mr Benjamin Kumumanya, the ministry’s Permanent Secretary, reiterated his boss’ directive and said village chairpersons are by law paid 25 per cent of revenue from the sub-county level.

Revenue portion
“This money is what the LC1 chairpersons should use as facilitation for their work. We did this because we knew they needed some stationery and transport facilitation for different errands. We shall issue a statement to give direction on this matter after the whole process is finished,” Mr Kumumanya said.
On July 10, the country conducted elections for LC1 chairpersons for the first time since 2002.

They followed Women representatives on July 3.
The Minister for Local government, Col Tom Butime said the LC2 elections will be held today and urged all eligible voters to vote.

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