Gold scam case: Kasule duped me to sign for hides, says witness


KAMPALA- A prosecution witness on Tuesday told court that the former Kampala Lord Mayoral contestant duped her to sign a document stating that he was to supply them with hides instead of gold.

The accused Leon Muhammed Kasule is charged with three counts of obtaining money by false pretence in a gold scam deal at Buganda Road Chief Magistrates Court.

Ms Florence Kiremerwa, the Special Presidential Assistant on Diaspora issues as the fifth witness during cross examination, revealed that before she could transfer $48000 (over Shs177m) to Kasule’s account, he gave her a document to submit at the bank showing reason for the transfer was for hides and skins.

She explained she tried to inquire from him as to why he had not written there gold, and his reply was that it was not necessary for the bank to know the actual reason for which the money was being transferred.

“Your worship, the money was for gold. The document stating hides and skins was given to me by Kasule at the Bank. I tried to inquire why he did not write gold and he told me not to worry since we all knew the actual reason the money was meant for,” Ms Kiremerwa said.

Ms Kiremerwa’s assertion angered defence lawyer, Mr Hassan Kamba, who put it to her that she is making up a sham story against his client. What was stated on the back document is the actual transaction the money was meant for.

“Ms Kiremerwa, you paid money for hides and skins, now you want to get gold. You are creating a sham and bogus story of gold. What do you call that! You are in court changing the reason for which you made that transfer,” Mr Kamba said.

“In the bank under the law you are supposed to declare why you transferring huge sums. According to what you signed before the bank, it indicated that my client was supposed to supply hides and skins,” he added.

On May 10, Mr Richard Richards a US citizen as the main complainant in this matter testified that the act of Mr Kasule swindling his money, caused him great financial troubles and big debts.
He said the money that was swindled was a business loan he got from the bank in the US. Ever since he was conned, it has become so hard for him to even clear the rent and pay for his nourishments.

Mr Richards said that he came to know Kasule through Ms Kiremerwa, whom he had intimated to that he was interested in starting a business.

Prosecution contends that Kasule on June 26, 2017 in Kampala District with intent to defraud obtained $48000 (over Shs177m) which was transferred to his bank account No. 2202771867 at KCB Main Branch Kampala from the Bank Account of Florence Account No.0123146105052701 at Eco Bank Kampala while falsely pretending that he was selling 2kgs of gold whereas not.

It is further alleged that on the August 31, 2017 in Kampala with intent to defraud, Kasule obtained $79,990 (over Shs295m) which was sent to his bank account through inward SWIFT Pa-At DPC from a one, Mr Richards 2502 EUTA in USA while falsely pretending that he was selling to him 25kilograms of gold.

On the third count of obtaining money by false pretence, it is contended that on September 13, 2017 in Kampala with intent to defraud, the accused obtained $29,722 (over Shs109m) which was still transferred to his account at KCB Main Branch Kampala through inward SWIFT Pa-At DPC from Mr Richards contending that this was an additional payment for the 25kilograms of gold.

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