Fun ways to be fit

By Zuurah Karungi

Kelvin Onekalit is a gym instructor who has had passion for gym since high school. He is a fitness instructor in a number of gyms and also a personal trainer to several people though is currently working at Sole Fitness, Safari Home and Raising Voices, all along Mawanda Road. He has trained a number of prominent figures such as Robert Kyagulanyi; Member of Parliament, Kyadondo East, Moses Muhangi; president of boxing, James Kakoza; chairman Kamwokya.
Onekalit uses Lingala and Tecno music in his classes, and says this kind of music gives people morale and makes them forget their problems hence, concentrate on exercise.
“Music ignites my energy levels to become more effective and also, since most people love to dance, they easily abide with the fitness rules on music,” he notes.
He says he has never thought of leaving his job because he enjoys it so much, “if a bigger opportunity comes I can go for it because I aim higher, but I will still be coming to the gym.”
Onekalit shares that he is happy that Ugandans are joining gym today which means that they are starting to realise the importance of being fit. “Even doctors are recommending it for people with high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and other diseases,” he adds.
“I do not regret having joined the gym because it has made me more fit as well as earns me money. Besides that, exercise prevents and cures several diseases therefore should be embraced,” he notes, adding that one does not necessarily have to go to the gym to be fit as they can exercise in the comfort of their homes.

Exercises one can do from home
1. One can skip a rope: Onekalit says that this is more recommended than running as it puts the whole body to action, hence general body fitness.
2. Do sit-ups: lay on your back and repeatedly sit up as you lie back for about 10 times. He says this is effective for people trying to reduce belly fat and strengthen back muscles.
3. Do push-ups: They are commonly known as press ups. They strengthen hand muscles and help achieve general body fitness.
4. Stretching: He notes that this is a great exercise that anybody can engage in and also a must do to prepare one’s body for a busy day. He adds that stretches can also be done by those that work in offices as one can easily stretch from their desk.

Desired Dressing in the gym
He recommends that all gym users wear tracksuits and canvas shoes with a soft sole to enable them work out well without feeling pain. He urges women to dress decently to avoid making male counterparts uncomfortable.

For breakfast, Onekalit takes raw eggs mixed with yoghurt and boiled egg with two slices of bread to keep obesity at bay. At lunch he eats local food; meat, rice, matooke, potatoes, peas coupled with lots of vegetables but avoids fried foods. For supper, he takes salads such as cucumber, green paper, cabbages, onions, and tomatoes, and garlic. However, he sometimes, takes fruits or milk with a slice of bread.
He says people on diet regimens should observe them. For example, avoid eating fatty, oily or fried foods. Rather, they go for boiled foods and chicken should be skinless. He also adds that avoiding heavy food at supper time is beneficial.

Fitness mistakes
Onekalit notes that some of the fitness mistakes people make include not telling their instructors about their health problems to help instructors advise them accordingly.
Another mistake is starting to work-out without inquiring with the instructor. Most people do not see results because they might be doing exercises that do not fit their goals.
Wrong diet is another mistake because someone may do effective exercises yet eat foods rich in proteins and carbohydrates. He says not being regular at the gym or with your workouts also causes ineffectiveness in workout goals.

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