Fufa Commission of Inquiry pins referees on topflight league officiating mess


KAMPALA. Denounced for the decisions they give and castigated for the ones they don’t, referees do not have an easy job.
The Commission of Inquiry into last season’s match officiating yesterday grilled referees bosses; Ali Tomusange (technical), Amin Bossa (assessment), Sam Egesa (referees manager) and Ronnie Kalema (chairman) for four hours at Ivy’s Hotel Wakaliga unearthing some filthy lot.
Leading their defence, Kalema revealed that the referees have done a good job despite the complaints but that was not observed ‘because of the bad loser syndrome.’

The Commission chaired by Rt.Hon. Daniel Kidega put it to them that the referees’ officiating were in many cases found wanting.
“The Commission learned that in many situations referees erred and were not up to standards. Their decisions could have been influenced by other factors although as the commission we have no capacity to say it was match fixing,” Douglas Mazune, a member of the committee told Daily Monitor.
The issue of referees delayed remuneration came up prompting suggestions that it also made them more vulnerable. The Commission recommended that not only referees should adopt to professionalism but also clubs and football administrators.

Kalema, who revealed that some underperforming referees where punished albeit mutely, was on the spot again for conflict of interest as he serves as Chairman and seats on Fufa Executive. Similarly Fufa referee Donney was faulted for serving as club chairman, delegate and referee which the commission deemed unethical. Relegated Proline Director and coach Mujib Kasule also interfaced the panel and poured out how 80 percent of their games received questionable officiating.
Kasule candidly revealed that they had to work harder to win the few games they did and at one point they had given up on ever getting justice.
He called for a general ‘clean up’ in the game because he cited political influence in appointing referees.


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