Four arrested in protest over ‘missing’ city vendor


Four people were on Wednesday arrested in Kampala for allegedly holding an illegal demonstration.
The suspects were protesting over a missing street vendor, Juma Akankwasa, who was allegedly arrested by Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) enforcement officers.

Akankwasa, a street vendor operating in the Old Taxi Park in downtown Kampala was allegedly arrested on February 12, 2019 at about 6pm by KCCA law enforcement officers.
He was reportedly driven to unknown location and had never been seen since.

Four arrested in protest over ‘missing’ city vendor

“While his blood-stained clothes were discovered later near the KCCA Mortuary at Mulago, Juma has never been seen again to date. Routinely, KCCA Law Enforcement Officers have violently arrested and detained low-income city vendors, subjected them to a shoddy prosecution at KCCA’s notorious City Hall Court, and sent them to prison for months on end in blatant violation of the vendors’ constitutional right to dignity and due process,” one Marvin Saasi said.

Four arrested in protest over ‘missing’ city vendor

However, Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson Mr Patrick Onyango said Juma is alive and operates his business at night.
“Juma Akakwansa whom political activists had declared dead and even caused chaos in the city by carrying his coffin has been smoked out from his hideout. Many journalists today had believed the activists that the man is dead. I promised them that we are looking for him and we shall arrest him,” Mr Onyango posted on his Facebook wall.

Police said Akakwansa was arrested on Wednesday and detained at Central Police Station in Kampala.

Four arrested in protest over ‘missing’ city vendor

In October last year, the Minister of Kampala, Ms Betty Kamya, warned vendors to get off the streets.
The traders in arcades and markets had also complained of unfair competition since the vendors were selling the same commodities they deal in yet those on the streets were not paying taxes and rent.

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