Forget the rules, be bold

By Hassan Ssentongo

You are always bombarded with new trends every week, and half of them you do not actually think you can wear. Thoughts such as “I wish I could pull this off” circulate your mind every time you see something different. You end up doing what others think is ‘normal’, or actually get forced to conform. But, do you not find it boring sometimes? Being bold can be rewarding because that is the only way to stand out.

Nobody may care
Often times the fear of making bold moves comes from the fact that it is risky.

And, we all know how hard it is to take risks. “What will they think?” Truth is, sometimes people do not even care. Same with style, you have to hold your head high and do things your way.
We cannot talk about bold style and forget Solange Knowles, Beyonce’s sister. When your sister is one of the most successful pop stars of our time, and you are a singer yourself, it can be challenging standing out of her shadow. But Solange does stand out thanks to a bold and eccentric style sense plus her unique style of music. For her wedding in 2014, the singer turned heads in an unembellished cream gown with a matching floor-grazing cape. She wore no tiara and left her hair gloriously natural. As if that was not enough, she and her hubby-to-be arrived for the event on a rose-festooned bike. Now that is how you take a risk!

Something to try out

Experiment with these kinds of clothing to make dressing up a fun affair. All it takes is for you to make adeliberate decision to be bold about your outfit options.

Deconstructed clothing
This is one of the hottest trends of the season. Clothes are designed and cut in unconventional ways. Shoulders are pushed to the side, seams are displaced, sleeves are longer and many other unusual silhouettes.
You can as well get your shirt and wear it from the back or push it to side to achieve the deconstructed look on your own. It is fun, playful and different. And most importantly bold.

Bold colour choices
Colour is another way to add bold to your style. A mix and match of a range of different colours is often times what you need to create some drama. You do not have to always wear the same colours or play safe. Once in a while, go all out or in.

Stick to your guns
Sometimes being bold is all about sticking to your personal style and not following every trend that comes in. In a sea of fashionistas, you will stick out because you are different.

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