FDC celebrates as NRM’s Matsiko loses MP seat

By Moses Kyeyune


Opposition’s Forum for Democratic Change is in early celebration of the appellant court decision that nullified the election of NRM’s Winnie Matsiko.

Meanwhile, Rukungiri Municipality MP Roland Kaginda who also doubles as the deputy opposition whip in Parliament says that there is need to celebrate because the by-election is an inevitable win for the party.

“It has not been an easy journey but together we can, we must win this by-election for Rukungiri Woman MP seat. Congratulations to the entire FDC Family,” he said.

The Court of Appeal, in a two majority decision by Deputy Chief Justice Alfonse Owinyi-Dolo and Justice Paul Mugamba, on Thursday declared the Rukungiri Woman Seat vacant on grounds that the 2016 elections were marred by intense voter bribery.

The two ordered the Electoral Commission to organise fresh elections, and asked Ms Matsiko to compensate the petitioner for the costs incurred.

Former Deputy Chief Justice, Steven Kavuma did not agree with his colleagues, saying that there was no evidence, to confirm the allegations.

Matsiko’s victory was challenged by FDC’s Betty Muzanira.

Mr Kaginda, filled with excitement said that it was a blessing for the courts not to be swayed by any form of interference.

“I take this opportunity to congratulate our own Betty Muzanira for winning a case in Court of appeal,” said Kaginda. 


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