Fashion: Unforeseen wardrobe dilemmas


I found myself in a tight spot last weekend.

The family had to attend three events in one day. That was not the problem; the issue was, we had to go through the day without changing clothes.

Of course we had to pack some for the little one for the cold evening. The itinerary read as follows: church from 10 to midday, family prayer meeting, lunch and birthday celebration and finally another birthday party for a friend, whose daughter was turning six months.

Now, what do you wear to a birthday party celebrating six months?

Nobody I knew had ever attended a party celebrating six months. As the official family consultant and stylist, I got to work.

First, we eliminated anything denim or too casual. This was guided by the thought that church service was the most important event of the day.

Some people wear blue denim to church. We do not. The idea was to be smartly casual and not stick out like a sore thumb in church, but still fit in at the next two events.

And that is how I saved the day in my khaki pants and her not-so-long dress worn over a pair of black body stockings.

To our pleasant surprise, we reached the birthday party we were worried about and found a cocktail setting with loud music and barbeque.

So, how often do you find yourself in such dilemmas? The obvious choice is to carry extra clothes and change later in the day, especially if you can carry them comfortably.  Alternatively, your creative ability should save the day.

Focus on the main event and build the rest of the outfit around it, removing or adding layers as the day progresses.

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