Express shouldn’t let lightning strike twice

By Robert Madoi

With gravity not on their side and survival in the topflight far from certain, Express FC fans have hardly been in the mood to pop the champagne.
But they were in full voice midweek when a Michael Birungi brace saw their side score a comfortable if extraordinary win over Soana.
The Red Army has taken great delight in the win, with diehard Express fans hoping against hope that the result serves as a catalyst to pull off a Houdini.
George ‘Best’ Nsimbe is the reason why fans are starting to believe that it is possible to scrape by in the relegation dogfight.
The unassuming coach has over the years seemed more attuned to defying odds heavily stacked against him.
Nsimbe displayed this very starkly when he reawakened the sleeping giant in KCCA FC, helping the Kasasiro Boys to league titles in 2008, 2013 and 2014.

In between, he also steered the unknown quantity that was Victors FC to title success in the 2010 Uganda Cup. A favourite with fans and players alike if not for presentational polish showed then his man management skills, Nsimbe is extremely highly regarded.

But after being found out in, first, Tanzania, and, later, Kenya where he was tactically ambivalent, well at least in the book of his employers, some observers can’t help but wonder whether the new man in Express FC’s dugout has found new ways to surprise.
Others have even go insofar as to charge that Nsimbe’s romanticised image represents but a partial truth.
Indeed, as the Red Army appreciates the dominating presence of its latest recruit, observers’ views don’t reliably support the belief permeating Wankulukuku that Nsimbe will offer a silver bullet solution.
The malaise that has afflicted the club for years on end needs to be dealt with decisively. Nsimbe will only paper over cracks.

Administrative reins
Wayward decision-making has been a feature of Express for some time now. A nadir was reached when Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi took on the administrative reins.
Nakiwala Kiyingi has been widely lampooned, but the fact of the matter is that she only made a bad situation worse. If Nsimbe does a perfect personation of Harry Houdini by fashioning a sensational escape act, the powers that be at Express shouldn’t think twice about commissioning a “forensic audit.”
The Red Eagles passed up the chance to get to the root of a debilitating ailment in 2007 when they beat the drop by just six points.
Look where that got them a little over a decade later! Lightning should not be allowed to strike twice.

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